As a manufacturer of nutritional supplements, REDNATURA has high quality standards and effectiveness. As a network business, REDNATURA offers a unique compensation plan for their representatives.

These commitments are united by universal values: human quality, quality of life, liberty, service and truth. They express our company´s success. Nature teaches us, while deeper the roots, the stronger the growth.

Advance in Natural Health

This is the best time to rediscover the gift of health that nature gives us. Many people understand this, but they do not know where to go or in whom to trust.

REDNATURA combines the best of nature with the best of science, resulting in high quality control during all stages of product manufacture.

REDNATURA's sister Company, Natural Health, has built one of the most advanced laboratories in all Latin America, with multiple certifications and processes that meet and surpass FDA standards. The team of doctors, scientists and specialists in nutrition are equally important, and all of those who have been working for years to create the most effective formulas possible.

Result Generating Products

Each one of our REDNATURA products is subject to rigorous physicochemical and microbiological laboratory testing. These processes surpass the minimum quality standards required for these products. Before they are placed in the consumer's hands, they are tested by our medical team who guarantee all REDNATURA products' quality and effectiveness.

Business of Integrity

REDNATURA has decided to distribute all its exceptional products by the fairest and most efficient way. The network marketing model uses the power of personal recommendation for the product to reach the customer’s hands. Thus, the money set aside to wholesalers, retailers and advertising agencies is shared with thousands of Independent Representatives.

REDNATURA products are so effective in creating well-being as a whole, that they sell themselves. Word of mouth recommendation is easy when the products generate a benefit you can feel.

The REDNATURA Compensation Plan is unique and incomparable, 60% of the profits generated are distributed in bonuses to our Representatives.

REDNATURA provides a secure way to growth and allows you to become a successful entrepreneur.

A Proud History

REDNATURA founder, Alberto Mares, grew up in Mexico under very difficult circumstances suffering the death of his father at a very early age. Adverse circumstances never destroyed his spirit. These early life experiences were the beginning of a growing conviction. He started his business importing herbal tea, and then included nutritional supplements. Later, he decided to manufacture and distribute the products. He built laboratories and integrated the best medical and scientific equipment to work on new formulas.

In 2010, the decision was made to create a network marketing business to distribute the products. Every aspect of the industry was studied, searching for ways to improve and to increase representative earnings. Working along with his family and a select group of experienced executives, Alberto was ready to launch the new REDNATURA company the summer of 2011.

In nearly 7 years, REDNATURA had established more than 50 distribution centers all over Mexico, and had affiliated more than 220,000 representatives. In 2014, REDNATURA officially opened the American division.


Change lives; generate plentitude, prosperity and happiness; create long term relationships. Providing our representatives, collaborators, suppliers and shareholders with a reliable, consistent and inspiring system of well being and integral growth, based on mutual loyalty.


To be a leading organization with human values, recognized internationally by its representatives and society for providing health and welfare by means of commercialization of highly effective quality nutritional supplements through a network marketing system.


  • Authentic human integrity
  • Quality of life
  • Freedom
  • Service
  • Truth


Become a REDNATURA Independet Representative and get all the benefits.